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Divorce Law in Worcester, Massachusetts

The Law Office of Maria M. Rivera-Cotto in Worcester, Massachusetts, is proud to be your dependable divorce law advocate. Our attorney understands that each divorce is unique. That's why she will take the time to learn your individual case. Attorney Rivera-Cotto will develop an accurate strategy to handle your divorce the best way possible.

Passion and Experience

Our divorce attorney has the experience and passion needed to handle your family law case. She regularly represents those who are filing for divorce, as well as those who are defending one.

If you are defending against divorce, let our attorney respond to the claim, make a case for the divorce, and move the case to the next stage. Often, this next stage is a temporary order stage and involves filing a motion to get in front of a judge. If you are filing a divorce, we will file the divorce on your behalf and, if necessary or needed, she will file a motion to get in front of a judge.

Military Divorce

There are different laws and jurisdictions that apply when a military divorce is pending. These laws include interstate jurisdiction laws and the military laws themselves.

Our attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in the laws and jurisdictions needed to represent either party in a military divorce case. When you are facing a military divorce, let her work with you, developing a unique strategy to achieve optimum results.

When divorce involves one or both military personnel, you have to know how they are paid, as well as what is considered income. Our attorney can properly advise you on very important rights and benefits to ensure you receive the best results.


Alimony is the payment of spousal support, another emotionally charged area of law. The goal is to bring fairness to the discrepancies of the incomes of the two parties during or after divorce or legal separation. Our attorney represents both those who are filing for alimony and those who are defending against it.

She is familiar with the existing and recently passed Massachusetts alimony reform act from March of 2011. She understands the new law and is able to assist you in determining what your rights are from an existing alimony order. If you are seeking a new alimony award, or seeking to terminate or modify an existing alimony award, our attorney can help you understand your rights under the new law.

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