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Child Support and Custody in Worcester, Massachusetts

At the Law Office of Maria M. Rivera-Cotto in Worcester, Massachusetts, we understand how child support and child custody laws work. Let our attorney assist you and your family. She can help you understand the law, as well as how it applies to your unique situation.

Child Support

From your initial consultation, our office is able to identify your individual needs. This includes whether you are looking to file, obtain, or modify an existing child support order. Our divorce attorney's job is to gather as much information as possible. From this information, she can advise you how to proceed with increasing or defending against an increase to your child support order.


Custody is often the most emotionally charged issue that attorneys and clients deal with because there are three parties involved – each parent and child. Our firm is sensitive to the balancing act between the child's best interest and the parent's right to custody and parenting time.
Our attorney has a background in social services, dealing with families and these situations for a very long time. She has the skills needed to communicate with her client regarding the applicable laws and will aggressively advocate for the clients and the childs best interest.

Schedule an appointment with us in Worcester, Massachusetts, and let our attorney represent you in your child support and custody case.